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Roboti de dezinfectie cu raze ultraviolete ozon lampe de mercur tecnoservice equipment dezinfectare sterilizare igienizare romania covid coronavirus

Published on 1st April 2020 by AUTOMAZIONE INDUSTRIALE

The robot that sanitizes the environment to contain the spread of the coronavirus

KLAIN Robotics and Autognity present Pro Health System, a disinfection system developed by the Purity Group, which uses UV-C and ozone rays, generated by a discharge lamp in mercury vapor to low pressure, capable of emitting short wavelength (UV-C) electromagnetic radiation, from 100 nm to 280 nm, characterized by a marked germicidal effect.

The action of UV-C rays and ozone

The combined action of UV-C and ozone, penetrating the cell walls of bacteria, viruses and bacterial spores, damages their reproductive system, preventing their proliferation. There are four damage mechanisms against these pathogens: photo hydration, photo division, photo dimerization and photo-crosslinking.

This new technology is also housed on a MiR vehicle and works completely independently. It reduces infections contracted in hospital settings up to 34.2% through disinfection cycles of approx. 5/20 minutes and, due to infrared sensors, video cameras and a people recognition system, it stops automatically in the presence of people close to the area being treated. The management of the PHS system also makes use of a simple and intuitive interface using an intelligent tablet PC and app, which allow monitoring by a qualified operator. No maintenance is required, other than regular replacement of the lamps.

Possible applications

It can be implemented in hospitals, to avoid the transmission of dangerous bacteria or viruses, as well as food and pharmaceutical industries, to disinfect the production and packaging areas of products, or canteens, play areas and common accommodation, cleaning companies, schools, subways, airports, railway wagons, ambulances and any space that requires mixed use of an area.