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PHS-P portable disinfection robot

The smallest most powerful commercial grade UVC room sanitizer. Due to its size it is ideal for sanitizing ambulances, bathrooms, lockers, garages, restroom stalls, kitchens, small offices, cabins, kennels, cages, store rooms, waiting rooms, examining rooms, showers, smaller hotel rooms, play rooms, dressing rooms, basements, attics, closets, dental offices, laboratories, garbage areas, school buses, vans, trucks, RV trailers, campers and much more!


750 mm


200 mm

Total weight:

9 kg

Power requirements for battery recharge:

AC 220V, 50 Hz, 6A max

Battery duration:

4 hours continuously working

Battery recharge time:

3 hours

Tripod dimensions:

470 mm – 750 mm

Bulbs tube dimensions:

diameter 15 mm, length 436 mm

UV emission at 254 nm:

72 μW/cm2 – 7,3 W

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